SideKicks is a non-profit organization with the mission to connect high school students with young professionals in the Charlotte Area. The goal is to establish a mentoring relationship between the student and the professional through community service activities and social events.  The events will be organized by SideKicks, so all that is required of the young professional is to commit time to invest in the life of a high school student.  FAQ’s





A new class of SideKicks will be selected.  Mentors and mentees will commit to attending bi-monthly service and social outings throughout the school year to strengthen their bonds to one another, fellow SideKicks and their community.  

What are the goals of mentors & mentees?


Erin is a high school teacher for Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools & real estate agent at MyTownhome Realty.   She is currently working on her Masters of Educational Leadership at Columbia University.   For the past few years, she has seen the growing need for stable, encouraging relationships in high school students’ lives.  Through her involvement in CharlotteOne and other work with young professionals, she has seen an equally growing need for for young pro’s to connect with the younger generation through meaningful activities.  A graduate of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, her entrepreneurial skills & studies have brought this vision to fruition.   Erin hopes you will join the mission of SideKicks and start investing your time in high schoolers today.


Leigh is a graduate of North Carolina State University with a Master’s in Speech/Language Pathology from the University of South Carolina.  Leigh now is a speech language pathologist in Charlotte.  After coaching a season of JV cheerleading within the Charlotte Mecklenburg School system, Leigh also saw a growing need for young adults to invest in today’s high school students.  Leigh is excited to see the young professional and high school populations of Charlotte to mix through community service and social events.

The inspiration for SideKicks has been ongoing since Erin began teaching high school in Charlotte, NC in 2009.   Erin formed a mentoring relationship with one of her students, Tatyana.   Over the past few years Erin realized how much Tatyana has changed her life and wanted to share that life-changing experience with other young professionals in the Charlotte community.   Mentoring proves to be a mutualistic relationship.  Both the high school student and mentor are forever changed with a better understanding of agape love and friendship.