Thank you for your interest in the SideKicks Mentoring Program.  If your child is selected to participate in SideKicks, he/she will be paired with a young professional in the Charlotte area who will mentor your child throughout the school year and accompany them to various social and service events.  Your child’s SideKick (mentor) will be matched with your child based on career goals as well as interests outside of school.   Young professionals have the time and energy to invest in your child’s potential.  Each mentor that is paired with a student goes through an application process, interview, and background check.  We have selected some of the top young professionals in Charlotte to pair with your child.  <a title=”Curriculum Overview” href=””>What will mentors talk about with my student?</a>

The purpose of SideKicks is to help your child become the most successful high school student that he/she can be.   As a parent, all that we ask of you is to commit to allowing your child to participate with his/her mentor in events organized by SideKicks at least 2 times per month and encourage participation throughout the school year.  The benefits of participating in SideKicks &amp; having a mentor for your child include a comprehensive list of service hours to add to their college resume, positive social interactions with other like-minded high schoolers and their mentors, a dependable role model in your child’s prospective career field, and memories to last a lifetime.   SideKicks mentors will take your child to volunteer in the community and attend various social events with other high schoolers and their SideKicks.  Not only will they have fun, but these service events and participation in the program will look great on their college applications!  We hope that your child, as well as your family, will build a lasting bond with your child’s mentor as they help them develop into their full potential.